Berube Botanicals embodies life's simple pleasures - living simply, enjoying nature, and making Art.

I began Berube Botanicals when I decided to simplify my life. I made a conscious decision to focus all of my energy on pursuing what matters to me the most - living a life connected to Nature, taking care of my health, growing organic food, and making time daily to create Art. I never liked the term "starving artist" and decided to grow my own food and create a new paradigm - that of the happy, successful artist living well and enjoying the fruits of their labor and abundance of Nature. Growing healthy food in a sustainable way, making and sharing natural medicine with people, and expressing myself creatively through jewelry fabrication all give me an outlet to do something that makes my life purposeful and joyful.
So a little more I found my little piece of paradise to grow food and flowers on, an awareness of synthetic ingredients in food, as well as in health and beauty products began to pervade my subconscious. That, paired with a sensitivity to chemical scents and artificial ingredients, led me to create all-natural soaps, balms, salves, scrubs, and herbal medicine to care for my own health. Crafting natural soaps and body-care products I felt good about using became just as important as the food I was eating. Family and friends were often recipients of my "experiments", which led to their enthusiasm, encouragement, and requests for more. I've fine-tuned my favorites and I'm happy to share them with you!
My jewelry crafting obsession is exactly how it sounds. I not only love to transform raw materials into jewelry, I have to. I'm inspired by the natural world and its exquisite beauty. I'm fascinated by textures of bark, shells, feathers, rocks, and bones. Representing those things in Metal makes them a little bit immortal. Making jewelry is a way to capture and express what I find beautiful and meaningful in the world and share it with others.

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